Propellerhat Matchmaking concept was successfully piloted with the Doers network event in April 2019. Here is some feedback from the live event.

“I got really great introductions”

” I got so exited, I did not want to move on”

“I wish it would have taken longer”

Why Matchmaking…

Getting new introductions, leads and deal flow is key to growth in any business. The same goes for recruiting, marketing and networking in general. We are developing and introducing better processes for digitalization so why not improve the human interaction with a similar approach? After all that is what we have left when AI takes over the basic business processes.

Based on interviews made with the Doers network we have identified that young and growth entrepreneurs want more introductions in the events that they are participating. It’s great to hear good presentations, but business critical meetings happen also before, after and during the breaks. So, let’s improve the “break” experience with live matchmaking.

Propellerhat & Matchmaking

Getting more deal flow is important – so why not make introductions easier in a fast paced matchmaking event?

Propellerhat Matchmaking works in a 30 minute time in-between presentations. It is easy to set up and get concrete business results for all attendees.

Contact us now and get your human-to-human interaction improved in your next event.