How to start a new project?

Much of the working life is organized as projects. But there is a catch. A project is always a temporary job and you have to figure out how to get into new projects while working hard on the current one. That means scouting opportunities within the organization and sometimes looking for new challenges outside the […]

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Bid Manager vs. Project Manager 

Having a background in project management is great when you are faced with the task of planning a new project. However managing a bid or writing a proposal is fundamentally different from managing a project. There are two main differences between bid management and project management. 1) When doing a project you already know what you […]

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Innovators Risk Management

Are you a fan of risk management? Not many of us are. If you concentrate on risk management, chances are that the risk register is long and you end up spending time, oh so precious time, away from the positive things that keep you going. It is smart, wise and responsible to be well prepared in case […]

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