Business strategy starts from the innovation plan. Well planned is 1/2 done, but it only gets you to a point where you need to walk the talk. Why not co-create your innovation plan and give it a spin? 

Funding is always available. When you have the next big idea coming you need to switch to another the gear and find the resources. Why not get you funded and spin your project to success?

Build beautiful products and services. You work hard and want to design, build and produce great products. Having fun while doing it is important. Why not deliver concrete results with a creative mindset?

Innovation management needs a spin. Business, products, processes and milestones… Why not learn to reach them with energy and positive attitude?

Our philosophy and services are based on the art and practice of innovation management since 2002.

Our mission is to empower companies in the art of innovation management and co-create meaningful projects that produce value.