Privacy and Data Protection Policy

This is the privacy and data protection policy document of Propellerhat Management Oy. It is fully compliant with the Personal Data Act and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Registrar Name

Propellerhat Management Oy, Tapionkatu 2 B 9, 40100, Jyväskylä Finland

2. Contact Person Responsible of the Registry

Mikko Pitkänen,, +358 50 0874480

3. Name of Registry

Propellerhat’s customer data management system.

4. Legal Basis and Reason for Handling Personal Data

Legal basis for handling personal data, compliant with GDPR, are:

– personal consent

– contractual interests regarding contract(s), to which the registered is or will be partied

– marketing and other legitimate interests

5. Data Content

The register may contain the following information:

Contact details, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses; Information needed for a customer relationship, such as billing and payment details, information on orders and products, customer feedback. Information related to communications and the use of our services. Any information provided by customers for their profile or in relation to their interests. Details of any permissions given by customers. Information on any requests to prevent offers being sent. Any other information compiled with customers’ consent.

6. Regular Sources of Information

Personal data on customers may be legally collected: From the customer by telephone, feedback forms or internet contacts, customer meetings, recordings etc. By e-mail or other similar channels, cookies or other similar technical means. Also data from official national private and public registers and social media services associated to the company.

7. 3rd Parties and Transfer of Data Outside of the EU or ETA

Data will not be handed over to any third parties. Information can be published in a way that has been agreed upon with the customer, e.g. customer testimonials. Data can be transferred outside the EU or ETA by the registrar.

8. Principles of Registry Protection

The registry is handled with care and data is processed by information systems that are protected. The registrar is responsible for data, access and information handling with confidentiality by those employees to whom it belongs by job description.

9. Right to Review and Demand Corrections

Every individual in the registry has a right to review all data on them and demand correction or supplementation of incomplete information. If an individual wants to review or correct data on them in the registry, they must send a written request to the registrar. The registrar will request personal identification. The registrar will answer the customer within the timeframe established by GDPR.

10. Other Rights Pertaining to Personal Data

Any person in the registry has the right to request their personal data to be deleted from the registry (“right to be forgotten”). Requests must be sent to the registrar in writing. The registrar will request personal identification. The registrar will answer the customer within the timeframe established by GDPR.

11. Cookies

Cookies are used on our website. These cookies are used on our website for improving our services and to provide more relevant information. If you do not wish to receive cookies you may configure your web browser permissions accordingly.