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The entrepreneurial boost program will offer a unique opportunity for  startups and entrepreneurs in the Pirkanmaa region to a hands on 8 hour one-to-one coaching program.

Together we will focus your product development to do the ‘right things’ and to gain a clear understanding of what is needed for agile international market access.

Meet our coach to discuss and get started.


What is The Entrepreneurial Boost Program?

The entrepreneurial boost program will offer a unique opportunity for  startups in the Pirkanmaa region. We offer a hands on 8 hour coaching program.

Together we will focus your product development to the ‘right things’ and to gain a clear understanding of what is needed for agile international market access.

Fully sponsored in the Pirkanmaa region

The Entrepreneurial Boost program – or Yrittäjyysbuusti in Finnish – is a program co-funded by the Pirkanmaa region Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, TE Services, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

The program is a unique service model to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of early-stage entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial venture or business journey.

Entrepreneurial boost

Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

You decide what are the most important short term goals for your company. The coaching service is designed to provide the right expertise to match your situation and to develop your business locally or internationally.

Our coaching focuses on boosting the development 1) International business 2) business processes and funding strategies or 3) digital business model.

1) International Business

Coaching on international product and service development. Together we identify the potential and demand in a foreign target market and prepare for a go to market strategy.

Coaching on marketing strategy. We will find out the suitability of the product you have already chosen for the selected target market and define the necessary marketing measures.

Within International Business Package our team can help you with searching for a distributor or partners. Together we can initiate market or competitor surveys and coach you with the first steps of product and service localization to the target country.

2) Business Processes and Funding

Business process development is always needed to achieve sustainable growth for your startup. We can help you identify the core, operational, and support processes to increase efficiency from the beginning.

Funding is critical for innovation, product development, and internationalization. Identifying available sources of finance is important for start-up entrepreneurs. Funding sources may include Finnish public funding channels, private investors, and EU funding and other funding for innovation projects tailored to meet your innovation plan.

3) Digitalization and Business

Our team will work with you to analyze the best digital models to match your product or service. We can help you with digitalization of daily startup routines with e.g. CRM solutions. Together we can designs customer journeys, accessibility and online communication channels.

The various benefits of the coaching program include:

  • increased efficiency and productivit
  • reduced operating costs
  • improved customer experience and communication
  • increased agility and transparency
  • improved competitive advantage
  • and faster decision-making.

Together we can review your company business strategy and create an innovation roadmap. Our team will be coaching you to success.

How to Apply

To apply for the program you first need to check your eligibility:

  1. You are currently a part-time entrepreneur or a full-time entrepreneur who has started less than 12 months ago.
  2. You live in Pirkanmaa (greater Tampere) region.

If you just said, yes and yes, we are ready to go! 

NOTE: The Boost designed for a personal one-to-one coaching and not granted only once per company. Several people from the same startup team or company can apply if they fulfill the criteria mentioned above.

The  simple steps to apply for the program:

  • Use your Finnish bank credentials or other available online identification to enter the employment office (TE office) web service https://asiointi.mol.fi/omaasiointi/ “Kirjaudu palveluun” in Finnish.
  • Register as entrepreneur job-seeker -> Ilmoittaudun työnhakijaksi. Mark reason to register: Entrepreneurial Boost, Pirkanmaan yrittäjyysbuusti (Non-EU citizens need to fill in a separate application form. We can support the process.)
  • Then go to https://www.palvelualusta.fi/SelectGroup/4 Log in from the top menu. Apply to be an “Existing entrepreneur”.
  • Wait for the application to be accepted. Then choose our partner BrainStormCorner as the service provider.

Contact us for a hands on service to apply and get started with Entrepreneurial boost of a lifetime.

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