Propellerhat Academia


  • Doing research and teaching is what you like the most. There are however some activities related to research work that are taking a big part of your time.
  • Funding applications, project management, and negotiations with partners to join your consortia. And that forces to do research on evenings and week-ends. Get a life!
  • We offer research management services to academics to take away the bureaucracy, manage your project and team and help you with new funding proposals.
    • Taking the first step is easy. We can co-write a funding proposal and when that gets funded you can focus on your research. We can take care of the rest.
    • We can help you prepare a project that allows you to focus on doing research, collecting data, writing articles and going to conferences to present your findings. Now, how much fun is that?
    • Finding project partners, especially private companies, is part of the hard work that we can do together. You are not alone.
    • It all begins with a free 15 minute online session where we discuss about your research and potential impact of this collaboration to your career and your teams success.
    • To find out more email or call +358500874480