Sweet rides ahead. Creating a startup is exiting at first, but getting funding and closing deals is not easy. You might want to buckle up and start talking to your customers.

“Perhaps next week, I need to finish this MVP first…”

Stop it right there. The easiest way to start improving the business performance is to go and talk to customers today. In fact you should do it every day.

Sky is the limit, but how to get there?

Do you want to learn how reach paying customers and close those important deals?

Don’t be a one trick pony, but prepare to handle with care the full 360 view of entrepreneurship: Customer need, Problem, Solution, Value Streams, Revenue estimates, Financials, Product Development, Service Design, Market intelligence, Competition and Team Performance.

Innovation happens when you are busy making project plans.

Everyone wants a piece of your pie

Your company needs clear goals, rapid growth and daily performance metrics. Growth means in practice baking a bigger pie to share with your team and stakeholders.

Our approach is iterative learning by doing. We help in finding the right people to talk to, join onboard and get involved when solving practical problems. That means first of all contacting potential customers to gain a momentum and finding the right product-market fit.

This is needed from day one for commercializing deep tech solutions that you will be building for years before it is ready to launch.

It is never too early to start, but almost always too late when you begin.

Propellerhat Acceleration

Are you ready for some spin? We are running an equity based Propellerhat Acceleration program to carefully selected startups. The program includes 360 entrepreneurship coaching and finding non-diluting co-funding resources. In the program we are coaching the management essentials, engaging stakeholders and first paying customers. You will learn how to leverage your own investment with public and private development funding and venture capital to bring new innovations to the market.

The fastest way to start is to book a free online coaching session about your innovation and business fundamentals.

Contact us for more info and access to the application platform.