Personal growth

Getting new ideas is easy. We have ideas all the time. Our brain just cannot stop thinking. Great ideas spread fast. Ideas are kind of like software: easy to scale, fast to copy, but it’s sometimes really, really hard to get it working in practice. Acting on the idea it is the next step. Just […]

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Innovation funding

You have a new business idea. And you believe that customers will love it. But you have too little or no revenue coming in. And not much runway left for your team. It’s time to predict scenarios for potential cash flow and make a pitch for innovation funding. Working with business development on new innovations […]

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How to start a new project?

Much of the working life is organized as projects. But there is a catch. A project is always a temporary job and you have to figure out how to get into new projects while working hard on the current one. That means scouting opportunities within the organization and sometimes looking for new challenges outside the […]

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