Kindness is the new black

Being kind is the professional approach that works. If you are the best in what you do – you do not need to be a bully. Being kind, especially in times of crisis, will pay back with increasing returns.

Have you asked today from your colleagues and customers: “How are you doing”? Just do that – and listen.

It is good to understand that being kind does not mean loosing the negotiation. You can win fairly and succeed better in your projects.

Practicing kindness can create positive feedback loops that will take you far. Things have a tendency to escalate. So why not escalate towards something positive?

Reputation goes ahead of you when you are moving from one assignment to another. It is always better to have friends than to have people carrying a grudge on you. It is true that tough, ruthless or disliked people can sometimes be great project managers. They will deliver fast – but at what cost?

The question is: should we focus on the delivery at any cost? Or build better performance with focus on the personal and team wellbeing?

Being kind does not cost you anything. But it can make a difference.