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At Propellerhat, we can help you with

  • Fundraising for growth and exploration.
  • Focusing on the innovation process and creative skills.
  • Continuous learning and development with co-creation.

Raising sufficient funding is critical to strategy implementation. When leading projects you need to learn a coaching approach to lead your team to success. Our projects are always co-created together to produce results for a new business idea, innovative product development or innovation services related to fundraising.

Innovation Funding

Fundraising, bid writing and project planning is where we started from already 20 years ago. We have done 400+ projects and raised 37+ million € funding with our partners and customers.

Intellectual capital is essential for innovation

Together we will find the resources to finance your product development roadmap and succeed in your projects. Co-creating a business plan and innovation roadmap will show you the path and write down the critical steps that are needed to create new breakthrough innovations. To improve innovation performance and deliver projects, we can help you find the funding to walk the talk.

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We will coach you in finding solutions to your problems related to innovation and leadership. You decide what are the most important goals that you want to deliver with us. Do you want to change the way you work? Are you willing to step up and start reaching for the next level? Are you ready to feel great about your results?

Propellerhat coaching program

If you said yes in all the above questions you are almost ready to start working with us. Our innovation performance coaching is designed for both individuals and teams who are ready for a challenge. Together we can focus on improving innovation performance in areas that are important to you, and to your team, personally and professionally.

Let’s have a discussion to find out if our innovation performance coaching is the right solution for you.

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Co-creating Roadmaps to success

We will help you in co-creating a winning innovation strategy, development roadmap and concrete actions to walk the talk. Ideas are nice, but a proper plan will bring them to reality. With us you will learn to how to plan better projects faster and organize an efficient innovation process for delivery. Are you ready to get things done? Do you want to find new customers, partners and grow your team? Are you innovative and want to bring your ideas to life?

Co-creating innovation performance and strategy

A growth focused mindset and human centered leadership skills are the key to success in business. Together we will go through the facts, figures and feelings of innovation strategy and business development. Co-creation is about testing ideas with colleagues and partners, planning new projects and product development roadmaps.

In a project kick-off workshop we typically go through the strategy and fundamentals of the development process. Then we have a dialogue about the most interesting and important themes and decide on the most important goals to ensure success and full delivery of your innovation strategy.

Let’s figure out how we can help you in reaching your strategic goals.

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