Need a spin?

Propellerhat offers services on business and innovation management.

We can help you with

  • Coaching – to find new solutions with individual and team performance
  • Fundraising – bid writing and project planning for new business creation and innovation.
  • Sales and Marketing – to find new international customers and project partners.
  • Project and Portfolio management – to increase performance and process output.

Propellerhat ® coaching

We help you to deliver value, improve performance and minimize delays.

Our coaching services are suited for finding solutions and improving performance in areas that are critical to you and your business. Just schedule a short intro to meet with our coach to get started. We can help with your project and process improvement.

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Strategy is the new black

We help you create a winning strategy and successful project proposals.

Growth focused mindset and human centered leadership is the key to success in business. Together we can go through the facts, figures and gut feelings of innovation strategy and business development.

In a project kick-off workshop we typically go through the roadmap and business fundamentals. Then we choose the most interesting and important priority themes.

This is the start of a journey to find solutions to big strategic problems, by setting simple goals and learning together.

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Creative design

Our team is used to solving complex problems, creating beautiful products and designing smooth services.

Creative product & concept designs are the result of a successful dive into the fundamentals of branding, visualisation and human centered user experience. We are experienced in leveraging deep tech solutions to a commercial spin-offs.

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Innovation Funding

Intellectual capital is essential for innovation

Fundraising, bid writing and project planning is where we started from already 20 years ago. We have done 400+ projects and raised 37+ million € of funding.

Together we can find the resources to finance your development roadmap and projects. Co-creating a business development and innovation roadmap will show you the steps that are needed to develop and scale new breakthrough innovations and disrupt the market.

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