Hammering projects

A project is like a hammer. A tool to get things done. The more you look at the hammer does not make it more useful. The more you think and plan a project does not make it a better project.

When you star hammering, you learn to hit the nails on the head. Sometimes your finger gets it. Similarly with projects, by doing tasks you start seeing what works and how things are progressing. Sometimes you get a snap on your fingers.

In fact a project becomes a project only by action. Some think that they “have” a project. So what? Having a project is passive in terms of existence and getting things done. Doing a project starts to sound like you are actually hitting on something.

And what’s the metaphor of the nails? Well you need to have a business case for the project, a raison d’etre, a true mission. Who cares about the nails. What you are building, is what matters the most. There is an ecosystem, a market where your eventual project results are sold, used and traded for the perceived value they bring. Focus on the outcome not on the tools.

Don’t be mislead. Building software or hardware projects rarely need a hammer unless you are permanently deleting some classified data. But for us humans intangible assets are sometimes hard to grasp. We might get lost in managing projects, holding the hammer, instead of delivering them with a bang. Start nailing those tasks and create hit products.