Story of the spin

Propellerhat ® Spin is a practical tool for leaders who need to get things done. That’s you, my friend. Spin is a simple tool and task manager for the creative mind.

We rarely get to see a perfect waterfall. A new and creative thought is always a delight. In agile and sometimes mysterious ways we can manage and get things done. With our method you can start a new uplifting journey with a positive spin.

Spin is designed to help you find focus when you are lost. It gives you a push with new ideas and projects. It is designed to take you to a different path. To enhance curiosity, deliver value and optimize performance with a positive spin. It was created because we needed it at Propellerhat. And now are making it available to all – in case you also #needaspin

Instructions of safe use

Take a deep breath, relax and open your mind. You have the solution. Tap to spin and take immediate action. The method is used to propel a new layer of creative thinking to your daily work and life.

To add to your home screen

  1. First go to and click the box with an arrow pointing up

2. Scroll down until you find “Add to Home Screen” and click it

3. You can name the application or just leave it “spin”. After you press “Add” at the top right on your screen it will add the application icon to your home screen.

4. You are done. Have a nice time and spin like a pro!

Background in science

Propellerhat ® Spin has been created with a scientific framework in mind. It draws creatively from years of action research with academic and entrepreneurial innovation projects.

Limitation of Liability

Propellerhat Management Oy is not responsible for any consequential damages of individual actions that users take in their professional life. You take action on your own risk, as always. We hope it all works out for the best.