Propellerhat helps companies raise funding public and private to product and business development goals.

We also help research and development organizations apply for public funding for research and development projects.

In addition Propellerhat offer project management and business development services for companies and research organizations.

To get started with your idea sign up for a free online project review.

Our funding advisors track record spins over 38 MEUR of R&D project funding raised from different innovation programs across the world.

If your idea looks promising, and you want to get some spin we start by analyzing the situation and creating a commercial roadmap.

Public Funding

We give advice and write proposals to international funding programs.

Horizon Europe program offers billions of R&D funding for projects, so it is your citizen and/or corporate right to go and get your money back. The vast number of programs and funding calls is an open database, but we warmly suggest to start with some professional advice, to get your hands on the right project. It takes a while to learn, but the programs basically use the same project structures, guidelines and rules. Consider EU funding as a learning opportunity and extend your fundraising capacity as an investment for the next decade.

EIC Accelerator is great for small and medium sized companies. With us you do not need to worry about the proposal process or bureaucracy. We help you reach the deadlines and submit applications and reports. We offer coaching for ongoing EIC Accelerator projects to help you reach the project goals.

Project coordination and proposal writing is key service we offer for research organizations. We are experienced in consortia building for industry & academy partnerships across Europe and globally.

As project partners we are active developers of innovation management, impact and dissemination and communication activities.

We are also advisors for several European programs for project plan & proposal reviews. We can offer a proposal review as a service for re-submissions to reach the proposal threshold and be selected for funding.


Business Finland projects are really good for gearing up the tempo and boosting your business, product and service development investment when you are still in the early phase of building your business. There is several public funding options available also for going international and vice versa coming to Finland to do your R&D here on a big scale. We have the best in class ecosystem for that.

Innovation voucher (innovaatioseteli) is the fastest way to get started with a 5000 EUR purchasing value for business strategy, product design and commercialization. Read more in Finnish.

Co-creation is a project method to develop new project partnerships. In a 6 months project the goal is to find a consortia to make concrete business impact from research results. The co-creation service is offered for universities and research teams.

Private Funding

It is really easy to set-up a startup or spin-off company in Finland. Private investments from the early investors (family, friends and fools) can be leveraged by business angels or venture capital funds. There are numerous opportunities for raising pre-seed, seed or later funding rounds.

Let’s have an online meeting to discuss and figure out suitable funding options for you. There is always public funding available that fits your organizations purpose and goals.