Need a spin?

As a new team leader or manager, your responsibility goes beyond managing projects. It also includes managing the people who report to you.

At Propellerhat, we believe a coaching approach is the best way to unleash your and your team’s capabilities. This way you can increase performance, get rid of unnessessary delays and create value.

Get speed

Coaching can help when teams get stuck. New problems might arise, as deadlines are approaching and there is delays in progress. The finishing line is somehow slipping away and you just need to push it through.

As leader you believe that it can be done. Together we will focus on solutions and getting you back on track with speed.

Trust in people

Trust in yourself and trust in your team. Whatever the problem is, you are personally responsible for getting things moving and removing obstacles with your colleagues.

That is entrepreneurship in short: set the direction, steer the ship, and when needed repair it in the middle of the ocean. To be able to do that you must use the crew, tools and resources that you have taken with you when you left the safe harbour.

Grow individuals

That responsibility can feel heavy. It can be tempting to look back to your days of managing projects, developing products, not people.

You must believe that the strength is in the individual growth, not in better meeting materials and reports. We can talk more about this in the free intro session.

Propellerhat Coaching

Ready to start? We will be looking at the following themes in the coaching sessions:

Simplified goals

The goal is the point where you want to be. As soon as possible. The strategy is how you get there. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very, very clear when you have achieved it.

Present reality

The reality is where you are now. What is really happening today? What issues or challenges keep you from reaching your goal? Think in present tense. Be honest.

Innovating options

There are always many options. But there will also be obstacles stopping you. Options are different ways of getting from where you are now to where you want to go. Invent new ways of get things done. That is the innovation.

Next steps & Way forward 

The next steps are about choosing the best options for you. In this phase the options need to be converted into concrete next steps to reach your goal. And commitment to completing those steps. Success depends on your willpower to push it through.

What happens in coaching?

Coaching includes tailored sessions, a workbook of practices and numerous examples of leading people and projects.

Deep learning

With Propellerhat coaching you will get to practice deep learning and move forwards at your own speed in small iterations. We will work with strategy, presence, innovation and next steps that you can put into practice.

The coaching method

Our coaching method is first of all learning by doing. We will focus on thinking about concrete solutions and getting things done. The method is based on scientific studies and case examples. We make use of lessons learned and best practices from the leading organizations.


The individual coaching sessions are organized as a 6 months program with 12 bi-weekly sessions.

Our program can be organized online, onsite or in a hybrid mode. Learning and finding the solutions is all that matters.

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Meet the coach

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