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Propellerhat Academy

Our educational topics are related to leadership, product and service development and fundraising. Everything a propellerhat manager needs to know to succeeds. The courses are based on theory and practice from more than 300 projects, over 15 years of project leadership in research, development and business.

Read more about our coaching program where you get to solve practical problems business problems with a bullet-proof coaching methodology.

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Propellerhat Academy focuses on leardership and the role of project manager from a human perspective. It is true that project managers know a lot about delays, the value of resourcing and delivering promised outcomes in time. It is also true that managing a project is a technical task, while leading a team is based on interaction and dialogue.


Being a coach is one of the ways that we propose to approach innovation management. Coaching approach helps is finding the inner motivation and talent in your team. It enables self-guided day to day operations and less need for command and control.

Ways of work

Getting rid of micro-management and enabling expertise to grow without limits is facilitated by the coaching approach to leadership.

Leading and working in online and distributed teams is another topic that many of us are struggling in our daily worklife. It is more or less common to work in hybrid mode for several innovation and development projects. It is a rare luxury to have all the talent in one place at the same time. Focusing on the way of working and making the processes smooth can be done with the right tools and methodologies.


Knowing and understanding what motivates people is key to success. The easiest way to find out what motivates your customers, clients and contractors is to have a discussion. Contractual liabilities set the framework where we operate, but motivation determines how far are we going.


Forming, storming and norming a high performing team is a continous process. Learning by doing as a team is a powerful way of making sure that progress is made even when people come and go. Building on the expertise of each team member makes us learn faster, wider and reach our goals in the long run. If you want to go fast. – go alone, but if you want to go far – go togeher.