How to develop your Business and Innovation ecosystem?

It is a balancing act with the right tools, resources and values for your business.

Transforming your business is not straightforward. It takes a long time to build new products and services. It is risky and expensive. So, you want to do it right and manage the process with the best experts.

We offer innovation management services to small and medium sized businesses for short term tactical negotiations as well as long term strategic renewal projects.

Services for small businesses

We offer packaged services for international business development.

Our typical advisory and coaching services for companies:

  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Product and Service Development
  • Financial Planning and Fundraising
  • European Grants and Funding Programs

Steering the ship to the blue oceans

Create. Don’t compete. Value innovations are produced for new markets and customers.

It is a long ride to build innovations and co-create. However, taking the first step is simple.

The easiest way to start creating value is to make a feasibility study on your innovation strategy and roadmap. We are able to guide you through the rough waters and reach a safe destination.

Leadership Coaching for performance

The evolution favors those companies who are prepared for change. Are you ready?

The journey to better business performance begins with an online coaching session.

We discuss confidentially your innovation plans and business opportunities. After an initial risk analysis we make a roadmap and offer the next best actions.