International Exports

I was looking back at year 2018 with Propellerhat and made a pie chart. What did it say? PIE, it said. Propellerhat International Exports, it said.

I was positively surprised and pleased that almost 38% of our projects were international in year 2018. I think this is in line of how we think and work. Even though life is not always so black and white.

Where are we?

Propellerhat Studio is in Jyväskylä, Finland. While one leg is firmly up-in-the-air the other is finding solid ground in Frankfurt after years in Mexico. Our customers are spread across Europe.

The reason is that innovation is never local, however small the company or vibrant the innovation ecosystem. Going global from day one is part of the spin.

So what did we do in 2018?

  • Fundraising & proposal writing
  • Creative product development & concept design
  • Online trainings & workshops

How to get your piece of the pie?

Online trainings

Easy first step is to have a phone call. We offer online coaching for product and project managers on many aspects of the product development and innovation process. Ideation, concepting, development, branding, fundraising, project planning … you name the pain and we will find a remedy.

If you are looking for private investors to fund your new product idea, we can take a look and give it a spin. More money for business, development and growth. Let’s not be modest about it.


The second option is a workshop – we listen, we learn and give it a spin. This usually creates a positive vibe to a completely new idea and refreshes old-school retro products that your customers would love to see upgraded. A truly creative product concept is the key to success in your funding rounds and projects. As well as having satisfied customers once you get it launched.

As an example if you are preparing a H2020 project proposal we can increase your success rate with our proposal writing service. It builds upon our 15+ years of experience on European R&D projects.


The third way to go deeper is a collaboration project. We can co-create the stuff together. You are not alone when our innovation management services speed up the process, while keeping the product ownership where it is supposed to be – in your hands.

We can open our minds and create a list of interesting business ideas. Then we start analyzing which of those are important and worth the development effort. Who is it for? Is there a market for it? Creating the product is easy. Finding the customer is not so easy. Why are we doing this? Do we have the right team? Can we seriously pull this through?

The fundamental questions need to be on the table in the beginning. The project is then so much better prepared to take a direction that creates an international impact.