Coaching Program


Propellerhat Coaching program includes 12 sessions with practical thinking on how to lead organizations, people and projects.

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Having a tough day at work? Not enough resources to get things done.

Propellerhat ® Coaching Program helps you solve problems, find solutions and deliver results with new ideas.

What is it? It is a 12 session 6 month coaching program entrepreneurs, leaders and project managers.

What you will get from the program

  • Self-directed learning
  • Solution focused approach
  • Positive feedback and challenges
  • Structured as 12 bi-weekly sessions in a 6 month timeframe

Together we can

  • Clarify new ideas and plan next steps to your roadmap
  • Iterate with focus on problem solving and practical tools for getting things done
  • Lead a strategic change with 3 specific goals that we will set up in the first sessions

The goal is to make a change happen and increase productivity today. Solve issues based on new ideas. Be creative. Reach your development goals. Work faster and be more productive.

Are you ready to get a spin?


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