Kindness is the new black

Being kind is the professional approach that works. If you are the best in what you do – you do not need to be a bully. Being kind, especially in times of crisis, will pay back with increasing returns. Have you asked today from your colleagues and customers: “How are you doing”? Just do that […]

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Hammering projects

A project is like a hammer. A tool to get things done. The more you look at the hammer does not make it more useful. The more you think and plan a project does not make it a better project. When you star hammering, you learn to hit the nails on the head. Sometimes your […]

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How to start a new project?

Much of the working life is organized as projects. But there is a catch. A project is always a temporary job and you have to figure out how to get into new projects while working hard on the current one. That means scouting opportunities within the organization and sometimes looking for new challenges outside the […]

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Bid Manager vs. Project Manager 

Having a background in project management is great when you are faced with the task of planning a new project. You know how to get things done. However, managing a bid and writing a project proposal is fundamentally different from managing a project. There are two main differences that a bid and project manager must […]

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