Need a spin?

Propellerhat Management Oy was founded in 2015 by Mikko Pitkänen. He tried to explain what he does to his son who suddenly realized what innovation management is all about. “So, you are making peoples dreams come true!”

Creating new products, planning the commercialization roadmaps and getting those dreams funded needs a spin.

The spin comes from thinking better, acting faster and iterating more often. To repeat the learning cycle all over again we can perfect the plan in action. Not to forget hitting those important deadlines for bids, projects and deliveries – on time, in budget and with the right scope.


We are an innovation agency working with experts in business development from several industries. We offer professional innovation, product development and fundraising services.

propellerhat insights for project management and innovation

Our mission is to empower companies in the art and practice of innovation management and co-create projects that are meaningful and produce value.


Propellerhat ® Online coaching service is suited from quick problem solving to long term training and development programs. We help you in managing bids, projects and deliver products and services.

Just schedule time with our founder Mikko to get started.


We offer online learning resources on bid writing, project management and innovation process. How to keep track with all the available tools, funding options and technologies?

The short essays in our blog and newsletter Propellerhat Management Update are inspired by the art and practice of innovation management since 2002.